Kogemus ja tehtud tööd

Hereinafter you can see presentations of our biggest information systems, which were performed so far, with their detailed description. In order to read more detailed review of the information system, choose between the following projects.


Tourism Agency EAS Turismiagentuur web software for needs of registration and acceptance of the Tourist forum participants

Software allows:

  • to register the participants of two different target groups with Tourist forum 2005
  • to give information to the participants about any current events 
  • for the organizers to accept or cancel a wish of  the participants
  • to introduce user groups with different rights and accounts for the organizers
  • for the organizers to arrange air transport for the participants
  • for the organizers to arrange spare time of  the participants
  • for the participants to agree, send the invitations and accept meetings with other participants
  • for the organizers to analyse the meeting calendar
  • for the organizers to analyse and present statistical information about the  participants

Information system of Plasmet window factory

Software allows to:

  • ensure entering of orders in the real time
  • calculate profitability of orders in relation to different cost-plus per cents and favours from the material or services 
  • ensure providing of the exact time of performance of orders, proceeding from the production schedule or delivery time 
  • enter the payments and follow balances
  • allow or cancel passing of the order into operation
  • allow observing of production and completion of products in the real time
  • observe dispatching of products
  • see to and renew a ware-house position
  • analyse statistics and profitability of production and agency business  

Users with different rights can observe:

  • fulfillment of sales targets
  • sales statistics by group of products
  • production statistics
  • profitability
  • additional pays

Note.ee information system

The server-based software allows to follow,  to plan and enter the results of an employee or a work group, different orders, work fulfillment speed, number of errors made and many other things in the real time. This server-based soft allows to observe effectiveness of the production processes, find any possible bottle-necks, and it could also be the basis for calculation of the performance-related pay. The data is entered at different stages of  work of the program by the authorized workers, acting in the specified spheres. The production process can be followed in terms of an individual employee, work group, order, period of time, work fulfillment speed, number of errors, made by an employee or a work group, and other established criteria. The effectiveness of the soft is raised for the international enterprise even more by the up-to-date program and observance via Internet all over the world.

MSD – Merck Sharp & Dohme educational software for doctors

This special software solution was made in order to help with training of medical workers and to check the professional knowledge of doctors, who attended MSD vocational training, on the basis of which the doctors were also given the corresponding certificate.

Program consists of four parts:

  • The first part of the product information
  • Check of knowledge
  • The second part of the product information
  • Giving out of the certificate to the person who graduates with satisfactory results

The questionnaire respondents registered as the questionnaire users and their contact information was saved in the database.

Express Print program for making proposals, calculation of amount used and keeping statistics

This software allows to enter, change, confirm and cancel cost proposals. Proposals are saved in the database. The software allows the administrator to specify different materials, used in the production, the amount used for the order and calculate the recommended final price of the order. This program simplifies work of the enterprise, allows to get statistics on the proposals, amount used and cost-plus pricing, and also allows to make a proposal quickly even to the worker with a short experience.

Customer’s feedback
In my mind, eHouse CA only аssociates with speedy and sterling work. Within the last two years our enterprise has used services of several different similar firms, and we may state that the eHouse clearly differs from all those in flexibility, patience and amiability! I distinctly remember the time when we together with the eHouse were doing campaign pages of "SLÕhtuleht Best Baltic Act" for our newspaper. That was the first work of the eHouse for our firm. During the whole week – not less – the eHouse project manager started every working morning by оpening his e-mail, packed with my amateur questions. Looking back, I feel uneasy about all sorts of awkward questions I asked! :) Nevertheless, the representative of the eHouse always stayed calm and patiently explained the most elementary issues (sometimes repeating them over and over again), until everything became completely clear. And whenever I enthusiastically exclaimed into the telephone “O-oh, I see!”, I heard the other smiling into the telephone as well and I knew my joy was shared. By the way, the smile can be heard through the telephone – believe it or not! In short, everything was perfect, and we decided to go on with the cooperation with the eHouse. Each following campaign went without a hitch: there was no need to repeat the task and everything was done in time. The eHouse administration system of web pages is simple and easy to use. Sometimes, when I don’t have time to enter the current alterations, the eHouse carries that for me. You can trust them anything – starting with advice and finishing with final result. In my opinion, they are the ideal partner.
Margit Raid
Brümmel Kanep, Pirita marketing and communication office