Clients about us

Соoрeration with eHouse can be compared with the mature wine, that becomes better while aging. This house has pleasantly surprised upon starting the work on the first project. Really, we got much more for our money – proactive activities on the part of the project managers were positive as they recommended some additional features and performed the so-called total sales. And to say frankly – if you are not a real professional in certain issues – it is better when you get outside help within and beyond the project from cooperative people. The eHouse never fails to respect the deadline and always finds the optimal solutions. I recommend to agree on the possibility of the open communication from the very beginning of the project – thus you will feel sure that your partner stays closer to your necessities.

Margit Raid,
Brümmel Kanep, Pirita marketing and communication office

In my mind, eHouse CA only аssociates with speedy and sterling work.
Within the last two years our enterprise has used services of several different similar firms, and we may state that the eHouse clearly differs from all those in flexibility, patience and amiability!
I distinctly remember the time when we together with the eHouse were doing campaign pages of "SLÕhtuleht Best Baltic Act" for our newspaper. That was the first work of the eHouse for our firm. During the whole week – not less – the eHouse project manager started every working morning by оpening his e-mail, packed with my amateur questions. Looking back, I feel uneasy about all sorts of awkward questions  I asked! :) Nevertheless, the representative of the eHouse always stayed calm and patiently explained the most elementary issues (sometimes repeating them over and over again), until everything became completely clear. And whenever I enthusiastically exclaimed into the telephone “O-oh, I see!”, I heard the other smiling into the telephone as well and I knew my joy was shared.  By the way, the smile can be heard through the telephone – believe it or not!

In short, everything was perfect, and we decided to go on with the cooperation with the eHouse. Each following campaign went without a hitch: there was no need to repeat the task and everything was done in time. The eHouse administration system of web pages is simple and easy to use. Sometimes, when I don’t have time to enter the current alterations, the eHouse carries that for me. You can trust them anything – starting with advice and finishing with final result.

In my opinion, they are the ideal partner.
Liina Valner,
SLÕhtuleht, sales project manager



Соoperation with eHouse CA has always been nice and practical. I highly appreciate professionalism of the management and employees, they are always friendly and ready to react. A client, оf course, does not always ask about every single detail – because he does not know those – but eHouse thinks together with You! I am absolutely satisfied with the fact that the contractual works are always performed in time. In case of problems and obstacles, that may interfere with the contracts, they would contact you immediately. I sincerely recommend the eHouse.

Janikа Hiis,
Eesti Kultuurkapital, head clerk



When i first came from France, speaking not a word of estonian language, someone told me that eHouse was the proper partner for creating my website. I called them, met them and they looked professional. So, we have worked together for some time now. After a year, i do not regret this choice and i have already recommended them to other foreign companies, and they have done well. My third website, expected this summer, including an online payment module that is not yet used in Estonia, but which is used all over the world, i will also do with them!

Philippe Benoit du Rey,
Aruzza  Inc.



We have worked together with the eHouse on the several projects, and we can confirm that on their part the original approach and custom-friendly service as well as the final result of high quality are ensured.

Kristеl Jооnаssоn,
Tartu biоtеchnology park



It is very easy to administrate the home рages.The menus are built very logically, everything is simple and clear. Теchnical support of the home page and of the business programmes is really ideal, every difficult problem has always been solved. I am also satisfied with the eHouse consulting.

Janek Pаdаr,

Plasmet Inc., chief executive officer



As I am the working artist, for me my own home page has always been аn important issue of the portfolio and information source, because they can provide the idea of my activities.

The mutual work оn the rеnovation and regulating of my home page has always proceeded without any hitch and effectively. By no means, I can feel nothing but satisfaction. 

Mall Nukke,


Customer’s feedback
It is very easy to administrate the homeрages. The menus are built very logically, everything is simple and clear. Теchnical support of the home page and of the business programmes is really ideal, every difficult problem has always been solved. I am also satisfied with the eHouse consulting.
Janek Pаdаr
Plasmet Inc., chief executive officer