eHouse CA

Mustamäe tee 33,
10616 Tallinn

Telephone: +372 656 5523
Fax: +372 656 5523
Reg no: 10957035

Eliis Vaert – executive manager
Telephone: +372 502 1150

Customer’s feedback
In my mind, eHouse CA only аssociates with speedy and sterling work. Within the last two years our enterprise has used services of several different similar firms, and we may state that the eHouse clearly differs from all those in flexibility, patience and amiability! I distinctly remember the time when we together with the eHouse were doing campaign pages of "SLÕhtuleht Best Baltic Act" for our newspaper. That was the first work of the eHouse for our firm. During the whole week – not less – the eHouse project manager started every working morning by оpening his e-mail, packed with my amateur questions. Looking back, I feel uneasy about all sorts of awkward questions I asked! :) Nevertheless, the representative of the eHouse always stayed calm and patiently explained the most elementary issues (sometimes repeating them over and over again), until everything became completely clear. And whenever I enthusiastically exclaimed into the telephone “O-oh, I see!”, I heard the other smiling into the telephone as well and I knew my joy was shared. By the way, the smile can be heard through the telephone – believe it or not! In short, everything was perfect, and we decided to go on with the cooperation with the eHouse. Each following campaign went without a hitch: there was no need to repeat the task and everything was done in time. The eHouse administration system of web pages is simple and easy to use. Sometimes, when I don’t have time to enter the current alterations, the eHouse carries that for me. You can trust them anything – starting with advice and finishing with final result. In my opinion, they are the ideal partner.
Margit Raid
Brümmel Kanep, Pirita marketing and communication office