eHouse CA

Mustamäe tee 33,
10616 Tallinn

Telephone: +372 656 5523
Fax: +372 656 5523
Reg no: 10957035

Eliis Vaert – executive manager
Telephone: +372 502 1150

Customer’s feedback
Соoperation with eHouse CA has always been nice and practical. I highly appreciate professionalism of the management and employees, they are always friendly and ready to react. A client, оf course, does not always ask about every single detail – because he does not know those – but eHouse thinks together with You! I am absolutely satisfied with the fact that the contractual works are always performed in time. In case of problems and obstacles, that may interfere with the contracts, they would contact you immediately. I sincerely recommend the eHouse.
Liina Valner
SLÕhtuleht, sales project manager