Eliis Väert

The people in our company are without exception very enthusiastic.
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Eliis Vaert
being an executive manager, consultant and partner, Eliis is the eHouse CA establisher and from the spring 2003 her responsibility has been IT and managing of the Internet marketing projects, consulting and managing of the company.

In the team she is notable for her bright positive mood and openess.

She gained knowledge in the New York University, where she acquired an after bachelor’s degree sertificate in the Internet business. She also studied the Internet marketing as the additional subject in the
Florida Gulf Coast University. Eliis has also got the applied higher education in the international economic relations, where she aquired an economist speciality.

In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, eating good food and sharing merry society.

Customer’s feedback
We have worked together with the eHouse on the several projects, and we can confirm that on their part the original approach and custom-friendly service as well as the final result of high quality are ensured.
Philippe Benoit du Rey
Aruzza Inc