Tanel Laud

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Tanel Laud
HTML/CSS specialist Tanel is the junior member of the eHouse CA team. His duties are HTML programming and CSS styles creation. Tanel’s personal work experience has brought him together both with IT-customer service and the pilots of the USA president G.W. Bush’s helicopter.

In the team he is characterized by cheerfulness, meeting the deadlines, thirst for knowledge and readiness to help.

Tanel studies IT system administration in the Estonian IT College.

He is interested in sports and music – playing the guitar.

Customer’s feedback
As I am a working artist, for me my own home page has always been аn important issue of the portfolio and information source, because they can provide an idea of my activities.

The mutual work оn the rеnovation and regulating of my home page has always proceeded without any hitch and effectively. By no means, I can feel nothing but satisfaction.
Mall Nukke