eHouse CA OÜ

Mustamäe tee 33,
10616 Tallinn

Telefon: +372 656 5523
Faks: +372 656 5523
E-mail: info@ehouse.ee
Reg nr: 10957035
Eliis Väert - tegevjuht
E-mail: eliis.vaert@ehouse.ee
Telefon: +372 502 1150

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When i first came from France, speaking not a word of estonian language, someone told me that eHouse was the proper partner for creating my website. I called them, met them and they looked professional. So, we have worked together for some time now. After a year, i do not regret this choice and i have already reccommended them to other foreign companies, and they have done well. My third website, expected this summer, including an online payment module that is not yet used in Estonia, but which is used all over the world, i will also do with them!
Philippe Benoit du Rey
Aruzza OÜ